From Parkinson’s disease and stroke to epilepsy, Palm Beach Neuroscience Institute (PBNI) offers patients a wide range of neurological care. Whether treatment is for injury or illness, our dedicated physicians make the most of today’s effective diagnostic measures to determine the best route of care.

At PBNI, neurological care is a combination of a team approach of diagnoses and treatments and some of the leading diagnostic and medical techniques. Because of our dedication to neurological medicine, we are committed to excellence in education, treatment, research and care of all our patients with neurological disorders and injuries. Our team works closely with the patient and referring physicians to ensure the finest possible outcomes for those experiencing difficulties.

In order to best treat a patient who has experienced neurological conditions, it is important to identify the cause. Through an in-depth diagnostic process, PBNI’s neurologists and neuropsychologists can decide on the most appropriate treatment plan for patients.

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